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keen: [psychotherapy] having or showing great perception or insight; eagerness or enthusiasm

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Home: Welcome

creatively explore and embody your full self with EMDR and parts work

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next-level focus on your goal

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explore new perspectives on what you've been through and create adaptations that work for you

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increase your sense of social safety


a creative connection to emotional support from the inside, out

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Sarah Reimer Dawson, MA, MSW, LISW

Independently Licensed in Ohio
Certified EMDR Therapist
Certified Safe and Sound Protocol Provider
Certified Inner Twin Therapist

I have over 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist working with a diverse clientele: All are welcome here.  I use brain-based and experiential forms of therapy like EMDR, parts work/IFS, the Safe and Sound Protocol and Inner Twin Therapy to harness your brain's natural capacity for curiosity and learning so that you can relearn how to relate to yourself, others, and the world on your terms. To me, therapy is not a lifestyle so I offer EMDR Intensives and have a mindfulness and skills-based orientation that empowers you to do the work that's needed now, and then return to regular life with a new perspective.

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